Clients Represented

 The Corporate practice of Millman Law Firm represents many leading companies.
A brief list of clients includes:

Access Capital, Inc.
Acker Retail Audits
Advanced Market Research, Inc.
Azadi Films, Inc.
Backlot Marketing, LLC
Brooklyn Dental, P.C.
Capretto Shoes, Inc.
Chase Marketing International, LLC
Catterfly Solutions, Inc.
Cody Kremer, Inc.
Co-Builders Associates, LLC
Continental Quilting, Inc.
Edwards and Zuck P.C.
Emergency Environmental Assoc., LLC
Eli Wilner and Company, Inc.
Employee Testing, Inc.
Flatbush Avenue Builders, Inc.
Four Star Partners
Gungho Partners
Greenwood Lake Associates, Inc.
Harbour Lights, Inc.
Holder Orthopedics, LLC
International Commodities Export Corp.
Julia B. Fee, Inc.
Kelner & Livingston
Kirschenbaum Orthopedics, PLLC
Laboratory Testing, Inc.
Lawler Communications Co., Inc.
Long Shore Properties, Inc.
Lusk Group, LLC
Med-Star, Inc.
Media Right Productions, Inc.
M.I.D. – Ship Marine Inc.
M.I.D. – Ship Logistics
Natural Organics, Inc. New Rochelle
Racquet Club Inc.
Nightline, Inc.
North Shore Cardiology Assoc.
On Call Managed Services, LLC.
Palmer Associates
Performance Connectivity, Inc.
Perl Grossman & Associates, P.C.
Rainbow Polygraphic, Inc.
RJ Employment Assoc., Inc.
Rock & Racquet Realty, LLC.
Romanian Import Export Company
Roslyn Opticians, Inc.
Serpa Pinta, Inc.
Signature Marketing International
Spine Research, Inc.
Stratford Properties, LLC
Spinal Research, Inc.
Tucker Drilling, Inc.
Waller & Fiorenza , P.C.
Weather Science, Inc.
Weiner Lumber