When Do I Need an Estate Lawyer?

estate lawyer

When Do I Need an Estate Lawyer?

Would you ever hire a dentist to handle your open heart surgery? Absolutely not! You want a doctor specializing in open heart surgery in that scenario. The same logic is true for estate planning. You want to hire an expert estate lawyer to handle all of your estate planning needs. You want a great estate lawyer like the attorneys at Millman Legal.

There are a lot of inheritance related situations that require an estate lawyer. Estate lawyers go through years of legal education and client work to become a practicing attorney.
They help their clients prepare for the possibility of metal disabilities and eventual death.

Estate Lawyers:

  • Prepare last will and testaments
  • Draft living trusts
  • Help mitigate and avoid estate taxes
  • Ensure that your life savings and assets won’t go to creditors
  • Assist with Power of Attorney plans
  • Create Health Care Directives
  • Advise on guardianship & conservatorship issues
  • Provide guidance during Estate Litigations

Millman Legal can pair you with a knowledgeable inheritance attorney to help you navigate any of the above issues and more. Our attorneys have experience and specialized knowledge related to all family and financial related inheritance issues. You should feel comfortable sharing the details of your life so that your estate plan doesn’t fall short of your expectations. Our friendly and personable estate lawyer team makes it easy to get the details down into legal documents in a stress free way.