Potential Inheritance Disputes

Potential Inheritance Disputes

When a family member passes away, it can be both an emotional and financial burden on the surviving family. Emotions and grief can cause people to react in ways that are not normal. An inheritance dispute is a common occurrence after a loved one passes away. If you are dealing with any inheritance related issues, an inheritance attorney can offer lots of help.

What is an inheritance dispute?

 An inheritance dispute occurs when someone passes away and one of the surviving family members disagree about the validity of the will. They might feel like they are being treated unfairly. They might believe that the deceased was not of sound mind when the will was being created. They can even dispute the inheritance if they think that wrongful acts occurred during or after the decedent’s lifetime.

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Inheritance disputes are commonly caused for the following reasons:

Perceived Inequity

 It doesn’t matter if family members are all included in a last will and testament, if they feel like they are not receiving what they deserve, they are likely to dispute the will. An example of perceived inequity could be when a child borrows a significant amount of money from their parent. After the parent passes away, the amount that the child borrowed is not deducted from their inheritance. Therefore, their inheritance could be considered unjust.

Failure of Intentionality

 If a family member believes that the last will and testament of a deceased loved one isn’t accomplishing what they really wanted, that family member can contest the will under grounds of failure of intentionality. The might feel like they’ve been left out of a bequest by accident or that poor communication between family members caused the will to be faulty. This highlights the importance of hiring a great inheritance attorney.

Wrongful Acts

 Another common reason for an inheritance dispute is when a family member believes that their loved one was subject to financial mistreatment during their lifetime. For example, an estate executor or trustee breaching fiduciary duty because they have mismanaged assets or over-charged for their services.

These situations can be tough to deal with without the help of an inheritance attorney. Contact Millman Legal for any inheritance dispute related issues or hire one of our estate lawyers to avoid any of the above scenarios.