New York Inheritance Disputes

White Plains Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

Millman Law Firm champions all representation to clients with estates. Our focus is on resolving problems related from trusts and estates. Our top of the line litigators use their many years of experience to champion beneficiaries even with complex estates and trusts cases. Going through inheritance disputes and will challenges is extremely stressful. Our clients are our number one priority from our seasoned attorneys who advice clients on the wide range legal issues such as:

Will contests
Concerns about lack of capacity
Concerns about coercion or undue influence
Sale of estate or trust property
Will execution
Trust disputes
Beneficiary claims
Fraud allegations
Conflicts of interest
Acting as personal representative

Sometimes Wills and estates are not as straightforward as it should be. At times the terms of a will seem unfair or, as a beneficiary under a Trust Deed, our client may be in dispute with the trustees over its interpretation.