Intellectual Property Law

New York Intellectual Property Lawyer

We provide a complete range of services for clients who want to protect their rights with respect to inventions, patents, proprietary names or any other intellectual property. This may involve either copyright or trademark protection.

Millman Law Firm has been successful in taking ideas, including medical devices, commercial premium items and even “know-how” ideas to market.

New York Intellectual Property Law work includes contacting potential licensees, negotiating royalty agreements and supervision of marketing campaigns.

Protecting Your Ideas
The primary methods for protecting your ideas are patents, copyrights and trademarks. We counsel clients in determining the best approach for protecting their ideas.

Patent Litigation
Millman Law Firm has successfully litigated patent infringement matters with total recoveries exceeding one million dollars.

Copyright Infringement
Has your design, song, book or poem been copied? We can investigate to see if you have a claim.

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