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As the leading estate litigation Attorney in White Plains New York, we have successfully litigated estate litigation cases, and offer a wealth of expertise in dealing with these disputes. We also advise and represent executors or beneficiaries involved in contentious estate matters.

If you did not get your fair share under a will, you may have recourse by a Will Contest. You are entitled to have an examination of the attesting witnesses. A will can be defeated if:

(1) the will was not duly executed;
(2) the testator (creator of the will) was not competent when the will was signed; or
(3) the testator was subject to undue influence. Many times the filing of objections to probate will result in your achieving a greater share of the estate.


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When disputes come up between the executor of an estate and the potential beneficiaries of a will, an experienced White Plains New York estate litigation lawyer from the Millman Law firm works to establish the true intentions of the decedent, and honor the last wishes. As a White plains estate litigation attorney, Paul Millman works closely with the relatives and potential heirs of an estate to resolve all contested disputes including property, bank accounts, personal property, and real estate property in New York.
Millman Law firm is committed to uphold clients’ best interests and is prepared to handle any disputes that involve real estate property. As a seasoned New York estate litigation attorney, Millman Law firm understands the many complexities and emotional factors that enter into disputes over a will.


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