Estate Litigation Proceedings

estate litigation

Estate Litigation Proceedings

An estate litigation typically occurs when a will is contested, there are family provision claims, or there are creditor disputes. A will is only valid if it meets the following five requirements:

  • The deceased had the mental capacity to make a will
  • The deceased had the intention to make a will
  • The deceased had knowledge and approved the contents
  • There was proper compliance for signing and witnessing the will
  • There wasn’t any fraud or undue influence

These factors make a lot of sense, but it’s easy for someone to dispute any of them. An estate litigation will be resolved in court and can end up being very expensive. It can also delay the distribution of assets after a loved one passes away. That’s why hiring a trustworthy estate lawyer to handle a last will and testament is a wise choice.

No one wants to go through an estate litigation. That being said, it can at times be unavoidable. If you are dealing with an estate litigation, reach out to Millman Legal. Our estate lawyers can help you with your estate litigation and ensure that things don’t get out of hand. Legal disputes tend to go a lot more smoothly with the help of a specialized attorney.

Working with an estate attorney at Millman Legal means working with someone who is sensible and professional. We aim to openly communicate and achieve cost-effective resolutions that preserve your family relationships.

Our goal is to resolve things as quickly and effectively as possible. Before you move forward with an estate litigation, you should consider resolving things through mediation. Whatever your inheritance related issues might be, Millman Legal can help.