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3 Ways Wills Can Be Confusing

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Wills can be complicated documents to understand, especially if you don’t have any legal background or experience. They are documents that are full of small details and fine print, which is why people can get confused when they are trying to understand them. Working with a great estate planning lawyer is always a good way to ensure your will is set up in a logical and definitive way. However, there are plenty of ways that a will can be confusing if you aren’t careful when drafting it. That’s why we’ve put together the following article which provides details on 3 ways that wills can be confusing. Make sure you are working with your inheritance attorney on these 3 issues to avoid confusion with your will.


  1. Items Listed in Will Not Specific Enough

One of the big causes for confusion in a will is when there are items listed in the will without clear descriptions. The last thing you want is for your heirs and family members to have to figure out what your will is referring to. Make sure you are describing the items listed in your will with specific details that are clear and easy to understand. Things like specific street addresses, physical details, and anything else that clears up which item is listed in the will are good examples of how to avoid any confusion. Work with your inheritance attorney to make sure you are listing enough details about each one of your assets.


  1. Confusion About Recipients

Whenever you are working on your estate planning, you will likely have to list people that will receive your assets in the event of your passing. It’s easy for people to get confused if you aren’t specific enough about the recipients that are listed in your will. For example, using the title of “niece” can be extremely confusing if you have nieces by marriage and nieces by birth. Don’t leave things up to chance when it comes to listing recipients of assets in your estate plan.


  1. Multiple Version of a Will

It’s always a good idea to update your will several times a year to make sure it is still accurate. However, one of the big causes for confusion when it comes to a will is when there are multiple versions. Version control is essential if you want to keep things straightforward for your family. Make sure changes are well documented and dated to avoid serious issues later on down the road.