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Why Inheritance Disputes Occur

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Dealing with the death of a family member can be extremely difficult. Things get even harder on the family when an inheritance dispute occurs. This is when family members disagree about the right way to handle the decedent’s estate. Inheritance disputes can lead to expensive and time consuming lawsuits and even end up destroying relationships. The best way to avoid inheritance disputes is to hire a great estate planning lawyer to get everything squared away from a legal perspective. However, even the best estate lawyer in the world can’t guarantee that an inheritance dispute won’t arise. It’s important to understand why inheritance disputes occur just in case you find yourself in the middle of a heated estate litigation. That’s why we’ve put together the following article that details why inheritance disputes occur.


  1. Will Disputes

One of the most common reasons why inheritance disputes occur is due to someone contesting the will. A family member might feel like they were left out of the will when they shouldn’t have been. It can even come down to perceived inequities, where someone in the family feels like they aren’t getting their fair share of the estate. This highlights the importance of hiring a great estate planning lawyer so that the will is legally valid and official. Often times, will disputes are a result of poor communication between family members. Make sure you find a great estate lawyer to help out with the entire estate planning process.


  1. Emotions Running High

After the death of a loved one, emotions are typically running high. When people get emotional, they tend to act in dramatic fashion. This is one of the main things that can lead to an inheritance dispute. If someone in the family is feeling jealous or upset about how the estate is being handled, they might end up disputing the will or creating an inheritance dispute. The good news is that inheritance disputes can often be resolved just by talking it out or going to mediation.


  1. Sibling Rivalry

Another classic reason why an inheritance dispute arises is when there is sibling rivalry within a family. One sibling feels like they deserve more than another, or perhaps there are accusations of fraud within the family. Whatever the case may be, reaching out to a great estate planning lawyer is always a great idea when you are dealing with a heated inheritance dispute.