Important Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Lawyer

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Important Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Lawyer

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Finding a great estate planning lawyer is a very important task that can help you provide for your family after you are gone. It can be unpleasant to think about our own mortality but it’s a task that simply must be done. The last thing you want is your family going through an estate litigation and arguing over the validity of your will or your estate plan. After you find your estate lawyer, you should be open with them about voicing your concerns and questions. Active communication is the key to ensuring that your estate plan reflects all of your wishes. There are several important questions you should ask your estate planning lawyer to make sure you cover everything in your estate plan. Keep reading on to learn what some of those important questions are.


  • How Much Experience Do You Have?

One of the most important questions to ask your inheritance attorney is how much experience they have. You want a professional estate planning lawyer with experience in trusts and estates. They should have a minimum of three years of experience helping out clients with their estate planning. If you hire an amateur estate lawyer, you could be setting yourself up for issues and dilemmas later on down the road.

  • Do You Offer an Updating Program?

Another great question to ask your estate planning lawyer is if they offer an updating program for your estate plan. Some attorneys will offer a semi-annual or annual review to make sure any adjustments are reflected in your estate plan. There are life events that occur each year which have a direct impact on your estate plan, which is why it’s important to circle back with your inheritance attorney a few times a year.


  • Are You Able to Help in the Event of Unexpected Emergencies?

Sometimes the unexpected occurs. You can’t plan for everything, which is why you want to find an estate lawyer who can come to help out in the event of an emergency. The majority of estate planning lawyers will make themselves available for these types of scenarios, but it’s a good idea to ask your inheritance attorney and gauge their reaction.

We hope this article has provided you with some great ideas about what to ask your estate lawyer. There’s no such thing as a bad question when it comes to estate planning.