How to Help Senior Family Members with Estate Planning

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January 17, 2019
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How to Help Senior Family Members with Estate Planning

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Sometimes, when it comes to trying to convince your older family members to take action, it can feel like talking with a brick wall. Senior citizens tend to be proud people that want to make their decisions independently. They have years and years of wisdom and experiences to look back on and make their own choices. That being said, many senior citizens are stuck in the past and don’t allow any input from their family members, which can be a truly costly mistake. This especially holds true for estate planning.

The thought of meeting with an estate lawyer and openly discussing financial matters can be intimidating for senior citizens. Perhaps they remember the Great Depression or have had bad experiences with legal professionals during their lifetime. Whatever the case may be, it’s absolutely vital to help your senior family members with estate planning and encourage them to hire a great estate planning lawyer to make sure that their families are taken care of after they are gone. Below, you will find a few tips on how to help senior family members with estate planning.

  1. Explain to Them What and Estate Plan Actually Is

The older your family member is, the more difficult it might be to communicate with them about financial matters. That’s why it’s very important to explain exactly what an estate plan is. Telling them that an estate plan is the legal way to make sure that all of their wishes for their family and their assets are taken care of after they pass away is a good start. You can also mention what an estate plan tends to consist of, like a Will, a Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, and Trusts and that hiring a trustworthy inheritance attorney is a great idea.

  1. Tell Them That Estate Planning Provides Peace of Mind

You don’t want to scare your family members during the process of estate planning. That being said, you can tell them that hiring an estate lawyer can provide peace of mind. The idea that all of their financial matters and division of assets will be taken care of legally is a promising thought.

  1. Help Them Every Step of the Way

This is advice that doesn’t just apply to estate planning. You should try to help your older family members every step of the way and make their lives easier in any way you can. If they need help understanding the process, take the time to explain it. Drive them to and from meetings with their estate planning lawyer. Anything you can do to help them out is a step in the right direction and a step towards securing the financial future of your family.